Tyler Coleman

Tyler Coleman

Political Science PhD Candidate

University of Missouri


I am a Political Science PhD Candidate at the Harry S Truman School of Government and Public Affairs. Before coming to the University of Missouri, I received my B.S. in Political Science from Missouri Southern State University. Professionally, my research interests include antidumping protectionism and globalization, with a side interest in foreign direct investment and civil wars. Much of my research focuses on the relationship between antidumping protectionism and globalization, with specific focus on international market volatility and how national integration within globalized markets influences demand for antidumping protectionism. In terms of my side interests, I am particularly interested in how the onset and duration of civil wars impact patterns of foreign direct investment flows across countries.

To provide some non-academic context, I was born in a small town in Kansas called Richmond. Soon after, I moved to Joplin, a town located in Southwestern Missouri. While I was born in Kansas, I consider myself raised as a Missourian through-and-through. When I am not buried in documents about antidumping cases or other academic work, I can usually be found playing loud rock music on my guitar and taking a long walk on the beach in the evenings (in a land-locked state, of course).

  • International Political Economy
  • Globalization and Development
  • Politics of Protectionism
  • Interstate Conflict and Peace
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Terrorism
  • Comparative Political Economy
  • Globalization and Party Membership
  • PhD in Political Science, 2023 (expected)

    University of Missouri

  • B.S. in Political Science, 2018

    Missouri Southern State University


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Ba, Heather K., & Coleman, Tyler. 2021. “Deindustrialization and the Demand for Protection”. Business and Politics, 23(2), 264-281. doi:10.1017/bap.2020.17.


University of Missouri

Harry S Truman School of Government & Public Affairs

  • Peacekeeping and Intervention, POLSC 4415 - Graduate Instructor, Spring 2022
  • Introduction to International Relations, POLSC 1400 - Graduate Instructor, Fall 2021

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